Shipping/Delivery Service

Our prompt delivery service is one of our biggest assets. Our in stock products can be shipped out quickly – usually same day and often within a few hours. All of our drivers are Pioneer employees and are licensed, certified and experienced.


With our crane delivery, we’re able to place your materials in precise and difficult to reach locations. Our long reach cranes have up to an 80 foot reach.

Our clients find our cranes especially useful for:

  • Rooftop deliveries on shingles, metal roofing and palettes.
  • Framing packages – this is where we prepare all the materials required for your house construction and deliver them to your job site and place the materials on the correct floor or location.
  • Trusses, timbers, and beams. We can set them directly on your project in the correct place, for a safer and less labour intensive installation.


Estimates help give our customers a better sense of what the overall cost of a project will be. This helps our customer effectively budget and explore different options.

If you have a house plan, we can provide an estimate on framing materials from the foundation to the roof. Whether you are building a garden shed in your back yard, or the home you’ve always dreamt of building, we strive on getting you a quote as accurate as possible.

We can also provide materials estimates on roofing, siding, doors and windows. Our flooring department provides free on site measures and quotes which can include installation by our expert installers.


A valuable service that we provide is picking orders. If you need to pick up your order at our location we will pick every part of the order for you and have it ready for you by the time you arrive. This will save you some valuable time if you need to get back to the job site quickly. We will also help you load up your car or truck whether it’s a 5 gallon can of paint or a lift of plywood.